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Jungle Coworking breaks the Coworking cliches

“It is well known in a coworking space that we do everything but work”

It is well known in coworking that we do everything but work ! 

You come to talk to your neighbor, debate the news or even take an hour to have coffee… 

Not really ! Jungle Coworking members are here to work, develop their network and realize their professional projects.

But as Jungle Coworking thinks of you, it was essential that everyone had common spaces to chat and relax! 

An outdoor kitchen, a living room with large sofas, a terrace surrounded by nature are our ideal corners for the coexistence and flowering of all. A good place to work !

“Expensive and poorly equipped”

It’s not for me to pay a fortune to have a desk and chair in a crowded space.” If you believe that, you must know you’re wrong.

First, in Jungle Coworking spaces are affordable. It is an opportunity for a young entrepreneur to test his activity without incurring rental expenses, but above all not having to worry about the administrative part related to renting an office.

Second, you don’t just rent a desk and a chair. You have access to an outdoor kitchen with dining area, lounges to rest, meeting rooms and private rooms.

Third, coworking doesn’t come down to a “crowded” space. You have the choice of where you want to be. 

“We don’t hear each other think”

Coworking is based on the community that composes it, and as in any community, the respect of its members is paramount. 

You make calls, you exchange with your neighbors… that’s why there are spaces for that. 

While you work, the only talks you’ll hear will be from the birds!

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