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Audiovisual program of informal and intimate conversations to present stories, projects, experiences, life trajectories of relevant personalities from the urban panorama of Barcelona.

#music school #events

"Taller de Músics, from the classroom to the stage" | Cinzia Venier

Cinzia Venier, is management and production coordinator at Taller de Musics, a music school located in the Raval and San Andreu, two peculiar neighborhoods of Barcelona. In this talk, from november 2020, Cinzia, introduces us to the school with all the areas, that it has been expanding over time, and also informs us about the evolution of music and events in this pandemic context.

Host: João Ermida

#independent music community #concerts

"The universe of music is everywhere" | Esteve Lombarte

Esteve Lombarte, is the creator of the Acqustic platform, an independent music community that started from the idea to offer concerts in gardens, to producing and positioning its artists on Spotify (among other platforms). In this talk, Esteve, with the detailed history of the creation of Acqustic, shares his experience and perspective on the world of music.

Host: João Ermida

#migration #football #foundation

"From a dream to the harsh reality of Europe" | Mamadou Saliou

Mamadou Saliou, is the creator of the project call Diandé Africa, that develops development structure in Africa and also the author of the short film "If I knew I would not come". In this talk, Mamadou tells us his story, a "journey" from the dream to the harsh reality of Europe. A history of overcoming and metamorphosis, it started with the attempt to succeed in the football scene and ended with the foundation, Diandé Africa, with the aim of giving back opportunities and better conditions to his community in Senegal.

Host: João Ermida

#psychology #cinema #therapy

"From cinema to psychology" | Márcia Paveck

Márcia Paveck is a Transpersonal Therapist, Art-educator and Filmmaker. In Brazil, Spain, Costa Rica, and Indonesia, she conducted various workshops and courses integrating artistic and psychotherapeutic processes. Incorporating art, psychology and spirituality in her work dedicated to the development of human consciousness. In this talk, Marcia shares with us her story and her experiences.

Host: João Ermida

#dj #bar #club

"Barcelona post 90" | Fred Guzzo

Fred Guzzo, DJ, producer and owner of the GUZZO restaurant-bar-club in Born, moved to Barcelona in 1996 and quickly captivated the local scene with projects such as 2 Side Records and Café Royal, also being a resident dj at the famous Chiringuito de Arenys de Mar, El Lasal. In this talk, Fred shares with us his history and his career, which brought him to Barcelona... a city of creative vibes. Find Fred Guzzo mixes on Jungle Radio here!

Host: João Ermida

#activist #cannabis

"My last days of freedom" | Albert Tió Cannabis Activist

Albert Tió, president of the Federation of Self-regulated Cannabis Associations of Catalonia and activist for legal consumption, will go to prison on the 18th of November. The activist was sentenced to 5 years in prison. 3 years for a crime against public health and 2 for belonging to an illicit association that supplied marijuana for the exclusive use of members. In this talk, Albert shares with us the story behind his conviction.

Host: João Ermida

#culture #street musician #senegal

Exodus - Thiare Cland

Thiare is an Senegal singer-songwriter living in Barcelona. His music goes through different styles, with influences from rap and reggae. His a street musician since 2017. In Jungle Talks, Thiare shares with us his story that made him come to Barcelona from Senegal and play on the metro, and to play a short concert.

Host: João Ermida