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What we have to offer

Welcome to our coworking space, a place where innovation meets comfort and where productivity flourishes in an inspiring environment. We have created this space with a clear vision: to offer our members a workplace that goes beyond shared offices. That’s why our coworking space is the ideal choice for those looking for a rewarding work experience:

1. Meeting room

Need a meeting room for brainstorming sessions or important presentations? We have what you need. Our meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology and offer a professional environment for successful meetings.

2. Private video conferencing rooms

Privacy is essential, especially in important video conferences. Our private rooms are designed to ensure a peaceful and uninterrupted environment, allowing you to conduct your video conferencing in complete peace of mind.

3. Cozy Rest Area

Need to take a break or chat with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere? Our resting space is equipped with comfortable sofas, comfortable armchairs and a dim light, creating the perfect place to relax between two work sessions.

4. Sounds of Nature

Immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere with our carefully selected natural sounds. Whether it is the murmur of a stream, the singing of birds or the rustling of leaves, these sounds contribute to create a relaxing atmosphere conducive to concentration.

5. Natural Light

Natural light floods our space, eliminating eye fatigue and stimulating creativity. Enjoy the views of the surroundings, bathed in daylight, to inspire your ideas and improve your well-being at work.

6. Proximity to the beach

Working in an idyllic environment should be a daily reality. Our coworking space is located near the beach, offering a perfect getaway for an invigorating rest or a reflection session by the sea.

7. Abundance of Plants

Nature invites the interior with an abundance of plants. Green workspaces not only promote air quality, but also create a refreshing and revitalizing atmosphere.

8. Friendly Community

Join a dynamic and friendly community of like-minded professionals. Share ideas, collaborate, and build meaningful relationships with members who share your passion for good work.

9. Afterwork

“Afterwork” offers community members the opportunity to socialize outside of the professional context. This helps strengthen interpersonal bonds, improve team cohesion and foster a positive working environment.

10. Near the Ciutadella park

The parks offer a natural outlet to the daily stress of work. When you need a break, you can stroll through the park, enjoy nature and relax, which can promote mental well-being. A nearby park offers options for active breaks. Whether it’s for a quick walk, an outdoor workout or just to enjoy a leisurely lunch, the parks offer opportunities to stay active during the work day.

For us, the work is not limited to daily tasks, it is a complete experience. Discover the potential of your productivity in an environment that combines professionalism, comfort and nature. Welcome to a space where every working day is a unique professional adventure.

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